Omertá Publications

A Tattoo Household. Omertá is a tattoo arts and culture publishing house, founded by Javier Betancourt and Jason June. It focuses on showcasing the work of international talents in the tattoo community. As a group we plan on providing the world with a look into modern and classic tattooing, and the direction we believe it is heading.

Month: November, 2011


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Who we are…

Our First project, Nunquam Dormio vol.I is a look at the work of over 30 international artists.

This book will be on display and for sale alongside with some amazing artwork by the artists featured @

Nunquam Dormio Vol. I Book Release and Art Show – Art Basel Miami Weekend

December 1st-3rd

Opening reception: December 1st. 8pm – 12am

Curated by: Javier Betancourt & Jason June

@ Ocho Placas Tattoo Company
6240 SW 8th street,
West Miami, Florida, 33144

Contact info:
Javier Betancourt

With Live music & Drinks next door @ Habana Mia

Artist List-

-El Bara
-Dan Albrigo
-Chance Isbell
-JJ Dunbar
-Josh Egnew
-Myles Karr
-Victor Kensinger
-Javier Betancourt
-Andre Malcolm
-Alex Mcwatt
-Mike Bruce
-Levi Polzi
-Dan Sinnes
-Thad Ritchey
-John Reardon
-Steve Whittenberger
-Nick Wagner
-Jason June
-Jeremy Swed
-Jason Boyer
-Matt Bivetto
-Christina Garcia
-Vince Moisdon
-Phil Holt
-Phil Szlosek
-Dan Trocchio
-Thomas Asher
-Ade Stacey
-John Vale